Monday, April 7, 2014

Contribute to BA Everywhere! The World Needs to Be Radically Changed.


The following is the text of a new national leaflet for the BA Everywhere campaign.  At the end of the article is a link to a pdf version, suitable for downloading and printing.

We face a crossroads. In the opening of his 2014 New Year's Message,
Bob Avakian put it like this:
"Look at the world today. Destruction of the environment. Youth in the inner cities robbed of a future, 'presumed guilty' for being Black or Brown, hounded and shot down by police, incarcerated in huge numbers. Women raped, battered and murdered, denied their basic humanity and their full potential as human beings. People scorned, bullied, brutalized for being gay, or just being 'different.' Millions of children dying every year from starvation and disease. Immigrants driven from their homelands, forced into the shadows, exploited, deported, ripped away from their children. Slaughter and enslavement in the name of one god or another. Wars, torture, and massive government spying.

"Things are this way because of the system that rules over us and declares its 'special right' to rule the world. A system like this is a system that no one should put up with or go along with. It needs to be swept off the face of the earth. And it can be.

"This system is not a mystery, or something that only a few people can understand. And it is not all-powerful. This system has a name-capitalism. This system is full of contradictions-an economy based on ruthless exploitation and dog-eat-dog competition, repeated crises, unemployment and poverty...savage of 'peace' and 'justice for all' that are bitter lies-contradictions that this system cannot resolve. All this is the basis to bring this system down and bring something much better into being."
[Listen to and read the full message]
Bob Avakian-BA-has not only named this insanity, he has put forward a solution to it: revolution, communist revolution. He has, over the past 40 years, developed a new synthesis of communism-building on the path-breaking achievements of past revolutions, but also summing up their shortcomings and problems and on that basis forged a further pathway to emancipation.

Nothing less than revolution is needed for a better world. Revolution today-if it is to bring about a better society and future without exploitation and oppression-means BA's new synthesis of communism. He
has shown how such a revolution could actually be made... yes, even in today's world. And BA is leading a party, and a movement, to make all that real.

Bob Avakian has developed a vision and viable framework for a new society that is working to overcome and dig up the roots of all the forms of exploitation and savage inequality that people suffer from today; where wars of plunder and subjugation of nations and cultures are no more; where a new constitution would require safeguarding the environment. All in a framework that gives great scope to intellectual work, ferment, and dissent so that people could consciously and collectively strive for a world where all humanity could flourish.  

Contribute to BA Everywhere-
Imagine the Difference It Could Make!

Read Whole Brochure here

Be a part of radically changing the world:

Two ways to donate to BA Everywhere & for more information:
Bob Avakian Institute: for info and mission statement, and to donate online, go to
via mail: 1016 West Jackson Blvd. Chicago, Il 60607

(Although you should know about the institute, unfortunately it does not accept donations from Georgia at this time, please contribute to RCP Pubs below)


RCP Publications: for info on BA go to, and to donate online, go to
via mail: RCP Publications, PO Box 3486, Chicago, Il, 60654
After donating, please drop us an email to let us know!

April's Focus for BA Everywhere campaign Earth Day, BA Everywhere, and the Future of the Planet

The planet is burning. On March 14, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the world's largest scientific organization, released a stark report on the catastrophic consequences of global climate change. Scientists the world over are sounding the alarm, and just in the last year, hundreds and thousands of students and ordinary people have put their bodies on the line to stop fracking, tar sand mining, destructive gas pipelines, and all the accelerating environmentally destructive impacts of this compete-or-die fossil-fuel-based world economy.

If you are one of those honestly confronting this global emergency and agonizing over what can be done to stop and repair the damage, you need to know about and get into BA and his work. On April 22, people everywhere on the globe will mark Earth Day, and the "BA Everywhere... Imagine the Difference It Could Make" campaign will be there.
 read on...

Join us in this effort this month as we venture out with BA Everywhere to Farmers Markets and Earth Day
We will have a table at
Georgia Tech's 17th Annual Earth Day Celebration
Friday, April 18, 2014
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Tech Walk

If you have creative ideas you want to contribute, bake some goodies, or wanna join the team, get in touch.

Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America (Draft Proposal) is the framework for a radically different society. Click here to buy or read

Voices from the People about Bob Avakian and BA Speaks: REVOLUTION-NOTHING LESS!

Why Non-Communists (You and I) Should See the Film BA Speaks: Revolution-NOTHING LESS!

 read the testimonial

To Buy this film online or contact Revolution Books Atlanta for sale or to watch
Screenings of the film available, contact

NEW e-book on Communist Revolution and Its History

NEW-eBook from Insight Press, available at and

A Unique Resource:

  • Expanded and extensively footnoted interview with Raymond Lotta
  • Essays on "how do we know the truth?"
  • Illustrated Timeline: The REAL History of Communist Revolution 
  •  Revolution newspaper version online

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sunday, March 23, 4pm Discussion and Planning Meeting for Upcoming BA Everywhere Fundraising Weekend

Sunday, March 23 @ 4pm
Cameli's Pizza
337 Moreland Ave. 
(near Euclid in Little 5 Points)
Inman Park/Reynolds Town MARTA station

 Discussion and Planning Meeting

Spring Into BA Everywhere!
A plan to make a leap in changing the world

March 27-30: National Fundraising Weekend for BA Everywhere!

Why? Because the people need to know there is a radically better way the world could be.
Because people need to experience: BA Speaks: REVOLUTION-NOTHING LESS!
Read More

Here is the Plan for the Spring, your ideas and contributions needed!
Looking to the coming months to reach many people and inspire and involve them in contributing to BA Everywhere-the campaign to raise big money so that Bob Avakian and the vision, framework and strategy for a radically new society concentrated in the new synthesis of communism that he has brought forward becomes known throughout society.
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“Fearless” —a Black college student describing what he thought of Bob Avakian’s talk Revolution—Nothing Less!

"...when I saw it, it changed the way I looked at everything... it made me want to challenge all that and not go along with any of it." —A young Latina from LA

“If you’re anything like me, you probably ask yourself, ‘Is this really as good as it gets? Is this really the best of all possible worlds?’" —Teacher in Atlanta

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Celebration International Womens Day!


602 North Highland Avenue Northeast

Atlanta, GA 30307

Join Revolution Books for an INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY CELEBRATION.  You are welcome to bring friends and poems, statements, personal stories, art to share.  Bring enough money to buy a meal or share with someone else. Donations also welcome.  No one will be turned away for non sufficient funds.

International Women's Day is a day to call forth the fury of women and unleash it as a mighty force for revolution. It is a day for all who dream of and yearn for a better world to act on the recognition that you cannot break all the chains except one, that if you are serious about winning full liberation you must include the fight for the full liberation of women. It is a day to call forth mass struggle against all forms of enslavement and degradation of women, and it is a day to make all this contribute to hastening the development of a situation where revolution here and all over the world will become possible.

From A Declaration: For the Liberation of Women and the Emancipation of Humanity:
"The fabric of women's oppression is carved deeply into the calloused hands of women in the

sweatshops of China and Honduras. It is draped over the faces of young women in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia. It is stripped off the bodies of girls of Moldova and Bangkok who are put up for sale in brothels worldwide, and it is worn like a prize by pre-teens in the U.S. and Europe who are taught to dress and move like sex objects long before they understand what sex even is. This fabric ropes back into history, it winds its way around the globe, braided into all the dominant religions and "moral codes" and woven into every aspect of human societies. It is a heavy veil that casts the darkness of humanity's first oppressive divisions over the lives, the dreams, and the prospects of every corner of humanity in the 21st century.

"To live like this on this planet in the 21st century cannot be justified and should not be accepted. None of this can be tolerated or excused away with counsel of patience.

"Women need emancipation. Women need liberation from thousands of years of tradition's chains. This is a declaration that stands on the clear recognition that for humanity as a whole to advance, half of humanity must be lifted from centuries of being condemned to being the property of men and pitilessly exploited, demeaned and degraded in a thousand ways.

"Women are not breeders. Women are not lesser beings. Women are not objects created for the sexual pleasure of men. Women are human beings capable of participating fully and equally in every realm of human endeavor. When women are held down, all of humanity is held back. Women must win liberation, and they can only be liberated through the revolutionary transformation of the world and the emancipation of all of humanity, and through being a powerful motive force in that revolution."
Break the Chains! Unleash the Fury of Women as a Mighty Force for Revolution

Contact Revolution Books for more info:

STOP THE WAR ON WOMEN, In Honor of International Women's Day, DEMONSTRATION, MARCH 7th, 11:30am @ Atlanta CareNet "Pregnancy Resource Center (NOT)", 100 Edgewood Ave. Downtown Atlanta (across from Hurt Park)

Atlanta Care Net is an un-scientific, religious-based center that
shames and lies to women about abortions.

Protest outside to expose and oppose their vicious anti-women agenda.
(bring signs, banners, whistles, and outrage)
  • Abortion on Demand and Without Apology! 
  • End Pornography and Patriarchy: The Enslavement and Degradation of Women! 
  • Fight for the Liberation of Women All Over the World! 

Abortion rights are in a state of emergency! 203 new restrictions to abortion were passed in the last three years. Five states have only one abortion clinic left. Anti-woman bigots harass women at abortion clinics across the country. Ninety-seven percent of rural counties have no abortion providers. Upcoming court rulings threaten to close dozens more clinics nationwide. Forcing women to have children against their will is a form of enslavement!

Meanwhile, women are slammed backwards in every realm: from the mainstreaming of violent and degrading pornography to the global epidemic of rape, from a culture that celebrates pimping to the shaming of women who choose to have sex outside of marriage, and from the sexual enslavement of millions of women and girls in the sex industry to the widespread celebration of Pope Francis while he has changed nothing of church doctrine that enslaves and humiliates women and LGBT people.

Take to the streets this International Women's Day. Through our public resistance we will expose the illegitimacy of this whole war on women and put the woman-haters on notice that we will not sit silently by. We will express our outrage and bring alive a culture of defiance and liberation. We will wake up and rally forth many thousands more, refusing to stop until we win.

The future of women is at stake. Which side are YOU on?

This Call is initiated by  
End Patriarchy and Pornography:
the Enslavement and Degradation of Women

For more info about Friday action: Contact Revolution Books Atlanta  or 770.861.3339
Post widely on facebook, twitter, instagram, email blasts, etc

Sunday, February 23, 2014

HOODIES UP! Everywhere on February 26th, 2 Yrs. Since the Murder of Trayvon Martin

on February 26, 2014

Atlanta Action: 
5 Points MARTA Station 
(Downtown Atlanta) 

Hoodie Flashmob and Speak-out 
(open mike, bring your thoughts, poems, rap, song)

2 years since the murder of Trayvon Martin
A Day of Outrage and Remembrance 

We Are All Trayvon Martin! 

The Whole Damn System is Guilty!  


This call was issued by the


February 26, 2014
2 years since the murder of Trayvon Martin
A Day of Outrage and Remembrance
We Are All Trayvon Martin, The Whole Damn System is Guilty!
 February 26, 2014 - 2 years since Trayvon Martin was murdered by vigilante, wannabe cop George Zimmerman; 2 years since this 17-year-old African-American walking home at 7:15 PM with skittles and iced tea and wearing a hoodie was murdered because he looked "suspicious" and "up to no good" to Zimmerman.
Zimmerman didn't know Trayvon-had never met him or spoke to him. But America had taught Zimmerman that Black youth are guilty until proven innocent. And he learned this lesson well. Zimmerman called Trayvon "a punk," "a fucking asshole," and said "they always get away...."

He stalked Trayvon, confronted him and shot him dead.
  read and spread whole call  

Spread word of this DAY and the Demonstration far and wide! Spread on social networks!  Check for event locations around the country.
Hoodies Up where ever you are on that day! 


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Statement by Carl Dix on Mistrial in the Murder of Jordan Davis

February 15, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |

The case of Michael Dunn, the white man who murdered 17-year-old Jordan Davis after arguing with him over the loud music Davis and his friends were playing in a gas station parking lot, shows once more why we need to make revolution to get rid of the capitalist system that has subjected Black people to brutal oppression since the first Africans were dragged to these shores in slave chains. Sixty years ago it was Emmett Till. Two years ago it was Trayvon Martin. Now it's Jordan Davis, another Black youth murdered by a white man out to put Black people "back in their places."

While the jury convicted Dunn of secondary counts, THEY DID NOT REACH A DECISION ON THE MURDER OF JORDAN DAVIS!!! ONCE AGAIN THE MESSAGE IS CLEAR: BLACK YOUTH—ALL BLACK YOUTH—HAVE TARGETS ON THEIR BACK. Dunn's defense came down to saying any white person has the right to kill any Black person he or she feels is a threat to them. And the jury did not contradict that!

By not convicting Dunn for the murder of Jordan Davis, Amerikkka is declaring, once again, that Black people have no rights that white people are bound to respect. How long are we going to put up with Black people being gunned down, or lynched, by racists and by the police? Nothing short of revolution is needed to uproot the white supremacist capitalist system that is responsible for these racist murders. And as part of getting to the point when it's time to make revolution, we have to powerfully come together against these outrageous injustices. Get with the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) and the movement for revolution it is building and get into the works of Bob Avakian, the leader of the RCP. These murders have been going down too damned long. They must be stopped, once and for all.

Let's look at what really happened. After picking a fight with the youth over their music, Dunn fired 10 shots at their vehicle while the youth sat in their car, killing Jordan Davis. Dunn even continued firing after the youth were driving away from the gas station, fleeing for their lives! The youth called the police right away, but Dunn drove back to his motel with his fiancé, took his dog out to "go potty" and ordered pizza for dinner. He got in the car the next day and drove almost 200 miles to go back home.

Again, everybody—Black people, white people, people of all races and backgrounds, everybody who has an ounce of justice in their hearts—needs to take to the streets in outrage over the failure to render justice for the murder of Jordan Davis. Our cry must be JUSTICE FOR JORDAN DAVIS! And this cry must be continued into the Day of Outrage and Remembrance for Trayvon Martin on February 26. And carried on till we end these outrageous murders, the white supremacy out of which they spring and the whole goddamned capitalist system that is responsible for this and many other horrors inflicted on the people.

Send out this statement broadly from email to social media!  LINK

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sunday, Feb. 16 @ 4pm: Discussion at Camel's Pizza, Little 5 points

Revolution Books Discussion: Sunday, February 16th
This Sunday @ 4pm, let's grab some pizza at Cameli's Pizza in Little 5 Points,  337 Moreland Ave, 30307, near Euclid Ave., to discuss the need and importance of February 26, and to nail down plans for the National Day of Outrage and Remembrance for Trayvon Martin.

 HOODIES UP! We Are All Trayvon Martin!
This call was issued by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network:
February 26, 2014
2 years since the murder of Trayvon Martin
A Day of Outrage and Remembrance
We Are All Trayvon Martin, The Whole Damn System is Guilty
 February 26, 2014 - 2 years since Trayvon Martin was murdered by vigilante, wannabe cop George Zimmerman; 2 years since this 17-year-old African-American walking home at 7:15 PM with skittles and iced tea and wearing a hoodie was murdered because he looked "suspicious" and "up to no good" to Zimmerman.
Zimmerman didn't know Trayvon-had never met him or spoke to him. But America had taught Zimmerman that Black youth are guilty until proven innocent. And he learned this lesson well. Zimmerman called Trayvon "a punk," "a fucking asshole," and said "they always get away...."
He stalked Trayvon, confronted him and shot him dead.  read and spread whole call 

Turn Up The Music for Jordan Davis!

The trial for the racist vigilante Michael Dunn who murdered Jordan Davis Thanksgiving weekend 2012 has concluded.  The jury started deliberating yesterday, Wednesday, February 12.  Watch for the verdict due any time!    
Check out this weeks' Revolution article:

Turn Up the Music for Jordan Davis!
Don't Allow the System to Let Another Racist Murderer Walk!
February 10, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |

From readers:
Opening statements in the trial of Michael Dunn started on Thursday, February 6, in Jacksonville, Florida. Michael Dunn is the racist vigilante who killed Jordan Davis, a 17-year-old Black youth, in cold blood on November 23, 2012. Dunn is charged with first-degree murder and three counts of first-degree attempted murder.  read on...
Check in with Revolution newspaper for more coverage at 

Two Years Since the Murder of Trayvon Martin by Carl Dix

The Dogs Are Still in the Streets

by Carl Dix | February 10, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper |

February 26-two years since the vigilante murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Two years since Trayvon went to the store for iced tea and Skittles and encountered George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch member and wannabe cop, on the way back. Zimmerman saw Trayvon's Black skin and hoodie and decided he "was up to no good." He shot and killed Trayvon in cold blood.
This murder took us back to the murder of Emmett Till almost 60 years ago by some white men who thought he had done wrong. And back to the days of lynching when white mobs could grab any Black person and murder them for any reason, or for no reason at all. And back to slavery when Black people were considered property to be used and abused, to be worked, whipped, murdered and raped at the whim of their masters. These white supremacist criminals were NEVER punished, and their actions delivered a message that Black people had no rights that white people were bound to respect.

whole article here

Friday, February 7, 2014

Revolution Books is Looking for a New Space!
We will be closing our current store at the Four Corners Market in Little 5 Points
Sunday, February 9th, and planning to re-open in a new location as soon as possible.

We Need You!


The bookstore is an essential anchor for the movement for revolution.  Where else in Atlanta can people explore why the world is like this, and how the future could be radically different? Where else will someone dare to tell you about this movement for revolution and its leader Bob Avakian who has forged a way out of this madness? Revolution Books is home to a movement for revolution that is urgently and seriously taking on the largest problem facing humanity -- this people-crushing capitalist-imperialist system. Which is exactly why the bookstore needs to be supported. 

We are actively looking for  new space. Here is how you can be a part of this:

  • Get in touch asap if  you have or know of a space to donate, share, or rent. 
  • Let us know about good meeting spaces for discussions. 
  • Join a committee to plan events with authors, discussions, film series, or other ideas.
  • Be part of developing a fund drive campaign or share your fundraising skills.
  • Invite Revolution Books to table at events and fairs.   
Humanity needs revolution, revolution needs Revolution Books,
and Revolution Books needs you!
(No Discussion this Sunday February 9th)
  Get in touch.

Take the Revolution to One Billion Rising for Justice, February 14

One Billion Rising
One Billion Rising
Take the Revolution and Stop Patriarchy Into One Billion Rising For Justice
By Sunsara Taylor | February 3, 2014 |
Revolution Newspaper | 

On February 14, around the world women and men will take to the streets as part of One Billion Rising For Justice to dance, sing, and protest against violence against women and other forms of injustice. As Andy Zee, spokesperson for Revolution Books in New York City, wrote last week, "One Billion Rising For Justice is a very positive international manifestation against the
abuse of women.... The day forges a sense of worldwide community of joyful resistance to what is one of the deepest and most vicious forms of oppression-the brutalization, degradation, denial of the basic humanity of women." (See excerpts from the letter at  READ ON... 

Join the Revolution contingent at Atlanta's Vday event
Find us we will be wearing "Ask Me About the Revolution and a World Without Rape!" signs

From the organizers of 1 Billion Rising:
Meet up:
11:30: Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, Auburn and Jackson Ave
12:00pm: Program at Ebenezer
Flash Mob Dance for Justice at Ebenezer
**March to Grant Park Cancelled because of weather considerations
contact us: to hook up with the Revolution

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A New Year's Message from Bob Avakian

"This is Bob Avakian,
Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, 

with a New Year's message—


READ Download PDF

Download audio

Join us at Revolution Books Atlanta, Sunday, January 5 at 6pm, together we will listen to BA's message and discuss it.   

Spread this message widely--send it to friends and family, on the internet, on social media, print some out and take them with you where ever you go, leave them behind, help make BA's message a question in society.